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Square control
They are indicated for control of perpendicularity; they are supplied with various dimensions and tolerances as per the table. Feature

Plane-parallel ruler in granite
Fabricated in H section for a good balance between stability and lightness. They have two lapped surfaces, plane and parallel.

Cleansing oil for the instruments
Serves for the cleaning and maintenance of measuring and testing instruments in granite. Available in 1-litre tins.   DOWNLOAD PDF

Thread inserts
To reduce costs and increase flexibility Zali is equipped with automatic bar lathes for the production of all the inserts

Lightened control parallelepiped
It is made of granite and has 4 machined faces parallel planes and right angles, with structure that ensures optimum

Control parallelepiped
They are made of granite and are measuring instruments, appropriate for control of squaring of measuring machines, machine tools. The

Made in granite, they can have 2, 4, or 6 faces, lapped plane and parallel by twos. On request, non

Support and adjustment columns
Built in steel soldered to square base. The support surface consists of an adjustable M 30×2 screw with lock nut

Stands for plates
Made of welded steel with 60x60x2mm sections. The upper part with 5 fine thread adjustment screws. 3 for levelling and

Lightened reference surfaces
Alveolar granite plate surface consents major reduction in weight, which nonetheless ensures dimensional stability. Compared with standard plates, there is